Mission, Vision, and Goals


Survive or Thrive, empowers, educates, and builds awareness in a culturally-responsive manner to unite the disability community and their allies in raising societal expectations and maximizing potential. This shall be accomplished through mentorship, formal workshops, experiential learning activities, virtual information sessions, and social events.


We are dedicated to helping students thrive in a world where they contribute their talents, pursue their opportunities, and realize their dreams.

Survival: scarcely manage to support oneself; devoid of your sense of worth and fulfillment.

Thrive: prospering while reaching self-satisfaction.


We aim to assist youth with disabilities and their allies in exploring, creating, and executing post-secondary goals. Goals include, but are not limited to, pursuing higher education, employment, volunteering, and independent living skills development.

When working directly with participants, we strive to:

– Help students with disabilities and their families plan post high school goals as they navigate along their paths toward adulthood.

– Take ownership of their lives as they develop self-advocacy skills to achieve their goals

– Foster family cooperation and involvement with the participant

Here’s what Survive or Thrive students and their families have to say:

“Before joining the organization, my goal for the future was very insubstantial; all I knew was that I wanted to go straight into secondary education after high school graduation. I had no idea where I wanted to go or what I would study when I got there. All that changed when I attended one of the SOT workshops where a representative from the University of California, Berkeley was the keynote speaker. In his presentation he brought up the Disabled Students Program, through which students with disabilities could set up accommodations for their classes.”

“To this day I still remember how helpful and relevant the information they provided was to me.  Furthermore, the workshop was a great chance to network and socialize with other like-minded individuals.”

“At the time, I was faced with the difficult decision of either attending a community college or an independent living skills center, which I had recently learned more about.  She also maintained an unbiased attitude throughout the entire process, emphasizing the importance of taking charge of my life.  Survive or Thrive as a whole has proven to be a greatly valuable asset, and I do not know where I would be without them.”